Mainframes In The Cloud:  IBM z Hosting, Archiving, And Disaster Recovery Services

You Sleep Better Because We Don't Our skilled data center personnel are available 7 x 24.  Our IBM mainframe systems specialists are there for you when you need them.  And our management team is happy to work with you and all your software vendors to make sure you get all the support and updates your workload requires.  Basically, we consolidate the heavy lifting that is part and parcel of all enterprise computing, and the result is better service and better value.

Data Center

Power To The People We Serve Our data center provides a stable, secure home for your IBM mainframe computing.  We have an excellent plant staffed by first rate engineers, technicians and operators.  Our digital connectivity is first rate . . . and fast, too.  We are very well connected to the power grid.  But we worry, so we have extensive battery backup and, on our roof, an impressively powerful emergency power generator.  Our cooling system can cope with the hottest summer days, no sweat.  Our disks are all RAID, naturally.  Our strategic tapes are all virtual (and RAIDed as well).  (If you really need us to spin a physical tape, we're equipped for that, too, of course.)

We Can't Do Everything We only do what we do well.  We support z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE (current and legacy).  We know the DBMS technology and middleware for these environments.  We are familiar with the best and most popular offerings of ISVs.  And we get along with software vendors, so if we have to learn something we get the kind of cooperation we need and your want.  Basically, if you run a mainframe shop, we do what you do, with the same focus.

But We Do A Lot We can house and manage your current system (or an equivalent on more appropriate hardware).  We can provide a full time working replica of your environments on one or more of our IBM mainframes.  And we can provide DR service on demand, a fully operational implementation of your environment that you only use when you need it, in the event of a disaster or outage affecting your primary systems; the rest of the time it's stored, quite economically, in our secure archive.

Gone But Definitely Not Forgotten If you wonder whether remote access to a mainframe is really going to be okay, we would like to remind you that IBM has been offering technology for remote IP-based access since the 9672 era.  What began with IBM's first OSA interfaces is today done with vastly improved versions of open networking adapters.  Your local terminals, which these days might include not only PCs (or Macs) but also tablets and smartphones.  All these clients can use TN3270 protocols running over a secure VPN to provide real mainframe interaction.  Our fast digital comm lines provide fast connectivity, so your applications have real snap.  We cater to clients who believe they are from Missouri, by which we mean we're happy to show you what we can do long before you move your jobs to the other end of the wire.

To Share And Share Not If your work isn't on its own physical machine, we'll keep it securely isolated by using IBM technologies, such as LPAR configuration and RACF.  You will have your own collection of DASD volumes.  If you use OSAs, they will be all yours.  On the other hand, we'll help you safely and economically share some resources, too.  We'll hook you to our pool of virtual and physical tape subsystems, keep your private disk volumes in our high redundancy disk farm, backup up all the hardware you use (shared or not) with our UPS and backup generator.  And if you want DR bundled into your hosting arrangement, we will help you get the most of our data center and offsite backup resources.

Let's Get Down To Brass Tacks We're pretty sure we can show you how to get more done at lower cost and significantly less operational hassle.  But why settle for conjecture?  Get in touch.