IBM 7060 Multiprise 3000 In The Cloud

We offer two alternatives for users who are still running IBM 7060 Multiprise mainframes.  These systems provide approximately 60, 120 or 200 MIPS.  Some of these systems have been in place since they were first shipped in late 1999.  While workloads most likely increased during the first few years of their use, these days these computers often run at only a fraction of their full potential.  This underutilization opens quite a few possibilities for users who want preserve their computing capacity but lighten or lose the burden of system operations.

Your Machine In Our House We install your system in our data center.  We provide superior digital data connectivity, excellent power grid connections (with battery backup and our own generator), and terrific physical security.  You have full remote access to your system and, if you wish to run hands on from time to time, physical access, too.  We have a significant inventory of spare parts and can provide first class maintenance.  We can augment or replace the aging disks in your old system with newer RAID storage.  We will provide a high performance virtual tape solution for backup and for any operations you run that involve tape.  (We have physical tape, too, for when you want to spin out data on cartridges.)  All the extras, such as offsite backup archives, are always available.

Your Machine In Our Machine If your workloads are modest or intermittent, it may be more economical to move your environments to one or more LPARs on one of our IBM mainframe servers.  Your storage will be on our RAID arrays and your backup on one of our virtual tape systems.  Your work, your software and your data are isolated and protected by IBM's LPAR mechanism and secure software technologies.

If you need more than one environment, for instance to separate production and development, that's easy.  You'll work from terminals that use the TN3270 communications scheme, which means you will see screens that look just like the ones you see now when your system is local.  We'll probably be able to give you faster computer response than you ever had on the old system.  You'll like our systems personnel and operators.  They really know their stuff and they'll very quickly learn your stuff, too.