GreenTape VTS Data Archiving

We favor fast, economical GreenTape virtual tape subsystems for backup and archiving.  GreenTape has proved to be faster, more reliable and more economical than IBM cartridge tape transports and controllers.  GreenTape subsystems emulate a variety of IBM tape subsystems, so pretty much any software and operational procedures that work with any kind of legacy tape will continue to work unaltered.  In addition, our experience shows that sometimes we can take advantage of GreenTape capabilities to help you reduce batch and backup windows and to achieve other savings of time and money.

backup subsystems

GreenTape In Brief Conceptually, GreenTape is similar to other virtual tape subsystems.  It uses current X86 server technology to support a relatively simple hardware configuration, basically channel cards plus a RAID hard drive array.  Data on GreenTape is kept in forms that make it easy for us to produce any removable media a client wants, including standard IBM tape cartridges and DVDs.  It's easy to configure redundant GreenTape subsystems.  Because GreenTape is Internet ready, it's straighforward to use it to create simultaneous backups locally, in our data center, and remotely, in a client's offices or at another secure data center.  Because GreenTape is based on X86 servers, there is no practical limit to the processing power available in a single subsystem.  Similarly, there's no limit on storage capacity that any user it likely to exceed.  Even if you had a massive tape job that swamped a single GreenTape subsystem, we can stack up multiple GreenTapes.  It just plain works.

Your Bridge To Remote Archiving If you won't want all the remote services we can provide but you do want remote archiving, we can provide GreenTape solutions over secure Internet connections.  We can also help you replace your internal cartridge tape subsystems with GreenTape in your own office.  GreenTape will save you lots of money, lots of space, lots of power and lots of operator activity.  But we wouldn't be doing our best for you if we just helped you set up a local GreenTape and didn't bring you up a level with a remote archiving mirror.  So, yes, we can provide a very modest solution, but we can also provide you with a very economical local plus remote backup solution that delivers great performance.  And peace of mind, too.

Past, Present and Future One of the most valuable aspects of GreenTape is that it can simultaneously provide multiple kinds of virtual IBM tape.  With GreenTape backup you can support the tape profiles used by your oldest legacy systems and application.  At the same time, the same subsystem can emulate contemporary IBM mainframe tapes.  So if you want to consolidate workloads or move work from older to newer environments, we can assure you that that all the backup and archiving capability you might need is already built into our GreenTape devices.