Critical Incident Support

Computing is a strategic resource on which your company and its customers rely.  If your information processing systems are rendered unavailable by a natural disaster or any other kind of incident, you need a disaster recovery plan and a DR service provider you can count on in a crunch.  Mainframe Software Management can temporarily replace your production systems.  And we are happy to prove this to you (and your insurers).

DR racks

Trust But Verify Before we get into any details about what we can provide, before we tell you what you need to know so you can decide if our facilities, our equipment and above all our people are a good match for your needs, we want to tell you one important thing:  We don't want to simply rent you computers you can use when you are in trouble.  We want to provide you with a complete offering that you can absolutely rely on.  Don't just take our word about that reliance stuff, either.  If we provide DR for you, we will provide a series of rigorous DR tests, too.  If we're going to be there for you in a pinch, you have to first come to our place and run a complete DR drill . . . and do it often enough so we all know how to handle things in a real crisis.

Why We Are Among The Best On the surface, disaster recovery and critical incident support services are all similar.  We all base our offerings on well maintained systems that have all the facilities and capabilities you need for critical production work.  But only some DR outfits run large, complete production computing workloads on IBM mainframes (and their satellite computing systems) day in, day out.  We are a very sophisticated mainframe and satellite platform hosting company.  We know IBM mainframes, IBM software, all the key third party packages, and how to manage cloud-based mainframe class operations 7X24.  We also do mission critical archiving.  We preserve data records and the systems that process them to enable our clients to fully comply with government regulations and meet all the data retention obligations they have to their customers, employees and shareholders.  But that's general information.  We bet you have plenty of specific questions you need answered.  Why don't you contact us or, better yet, visit us and ask them?  Our basic strategy is this:  We want to make you comfortable.

Simple Systems?  Great.  Not So Simple?  That's Okay, Too It's pretty easy for us to show you how well we handle mainstream business computing on a full time basis.  We do it every day, every night, every weekend.  But you might want to see us load a system we've mothballed and get it up and running so it acts just the way the original system did.  We think the only way to do this is to actually go through the process.  We can work with you to make a DR wake and run evaluation as simple and economical as possible.  We're also happy to work with you when the installation you need backed up and restored includes satellite processing equipment such as IBM i (AS/400), IBM p (RS/6000), and X86 hardware, too.  We'd like to make DR setup and testing on unique, complex systems as simple as DR on a pure IBM mainframe configuration, but we can't.  Nobody can.  So if you happen to have a very complicated DR requirement, if you happen to be talking Tier 5 operations, and you want to take advantage of our equipment, skills and experience, please have patience.  We're very good, but some stuff just takes a little time to prepare.  We hope that's okay with you.  It seems to be okay with other clients, who are happy with the service and value we provide.